Things not to say online dating

Blur out there face, or crop them out of the picture entirely.You may want to show them off because you’re a proud parent but a dating site full of strangers is not the place to do this.6.Your Address or Information About Where You Live While you probably want to list the town you reside in, you probably don’t want to list your current location and you definitely don’t want to provide your actual address.Many dating apps feature a location-based matching system that may show when a user is nearby.The problem with this feature is that it may also let the bad guys know when you are out of town.This information could then be used to let them know the best time to rob your empty house.This data can be extracted by geotag reading apps and your precise location can then potentially be found.Most dating sites should, and probably do, strip this data from the pics you upload, but it’s best to remove the geotags yourself, prior to uploading your pic to a dating site.

The rules to live by: one text at a time, take your time, and don’t answer her every text. A geotag is basically the GPS coordinates of where the picture was taken.When you snapped that pic, the geotag was most likely recorded to the file as well (depending on your location services settings).Corporate espionage-types might use this information to target you for social engineering attacks or for competitive information gathering purposes.5.Specific Information About Your Family and/or Pictures of Them Showing pictures of your kids in your dating profile could put them at risk as it links them with you.

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