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Some owners of that generation are now having to replace the battery pack.In 2004, the next generation of Prius was born, with greatly improved reliability. We don’t even know, because after nine years on the road, very few of them have failed so far.They also convert the cars to full-fledged Electric Vehicles that you can charge in your own garage and then drive up to 40 miles on electricity alone, before the existing gas engine needs to kick in.That conversions stuff is exciting enough to get its own article in the near future.

The long daily climb may be the cause of the shorter service life, since the pack becomes fully depleted each day and left in that condition during the climb, something that doesn’t happen in less extreme use (batteries hate rapid discharge cycles, and they hate being left empty).

And that’s before you even factor in the fuel savings.

If you really think batteries are explosive, take a cordless drill battery and drop it off of a skyscraper.

You’d need to drive 27,000 miles per year to get that price difference back over five years, which would be effing insane.

But when we look at used pricing, the picture improves. This is comparable to a 00 Scion or Toyota from the same year.

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Now go down to the sidewalk and look at the wreckage.

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