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To Physical and Emotional Safety Your clinician will do everything possible to protect your physical and emotional welfare.This includes intervening on your behalf if your well-being becomes threatened by emotional or physical stress.Below are some of the cases in which the law dictates that your signed authorization may not be required in order for CMHC to release information: Your counseling record contains documentation relevant to your care at the Counseling and Mental Health Center ("CMHC").It will be retained for at least seven years after your last contact for services.

Please read our Consent Form and Notice of Privacy Practices which both provide more detail about how we handle your confidential information.

Comment forms are available at our website, at the Front Desk, and in the waiting areas.

You may leave your completed comments in one of the locked boxes in the waiting area or at the Front Desk.

If you are unable to attend a session, it is your responsibility to cancel no later than noon the day PRIOR to your appointment.

You will be charged a charge if you miss your appointment without canceling by that time.

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I have the right to ask CMHC to restrict how my protected health information is used to carry out treatment or health care operations.

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