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Told from the point of view of Toyman, the villain plays a deadly game of Tag with Batman through the streets of Gotham City. Part 2 of a 4-part miniseries that pits the Dark Knight against one of Superman's most twisted foes! In "Incident Report," Harvey Bullock narrates the tale of Batman's and the GCPD's joint effort to thwart the Toyman when the villain's latest crime spree reaches Gotham. But it will take more than good police work to solve the chain of bizarre killings since, hidden at the latest crime scene, inside a seemingly innocuous wind-up toy, is a device that could end the lives of Batman, Bullock and Montoya. A special, wordless issue told from the point of view of a deaf child continues this powerful miniseries pitting the Dark Knight against one of Superman's most twisted foes! A badly wounded Batman must enlist the aid of an unexpected source to prevent the Toyman from killing dozens of innocent children. Art by Anthony Williams, Aaron Sowd and Ray Kryssing. The Toyman uses toy-based devices and gimmicks in his various crimes.

Okamura uses much more technologically advanced devices than the more traditionally-constructed contrivances Schott used, and are largely whimsical in nature; many of his inventions are inspired by anime and manga, including giant mecha (one of which was a giant half-Batman, half-Superman robot used for destroying a Kryponite meteor).

In this version, Winslow Schott was an unemployed British toymaker who blamed Lex Luthor and his company, Lex Corp, for being fired from the toy company he was working for, and used his toymaking talents to seek revenge, which eventually caused him to cross paths with Superman.

The Toyman continues to commit various crimes in Metropolis, including engaging in child abduction.

He also developed a hatred of children, blaming them for not appreciating his toys.

The Toyman later seemingly recovered, and Superman showed him that children did appreciate old-fashioned toys, arranging parole in an orphanage.

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However, this version of the Toyman proved short-lived, with Schott resuming his crime career in Superman (volume 1) #305 (November 1976) and killing Nimball.

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