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Gillo Pontecorvo’s fake documentary can do is teach how to make cinema, not war.” He stressed “The reality of Algeria made the film more than I did.” What is the role of ambiguity in the process of making films, documentaries, and art? Author Jerry Hopkins (who was Steve Allen’s TV-show “kook booker”) writes about Zappa playing a “musical bicycle” on The Steve Allen Show: “I knew it was a put-on, and Steve had always insisted ‘no put-ons,’ but Frank sounded interesting, so he came along. ” “The conscious mind cannot create art”—David Mamet, who describes the “confidence game” where the con-artist gives his victim his own confidence, encouraging the sucker to in turn trust him. Actress Quvenzhane “Naysie” Wallis, who played Hushpuppy in the film Beast of the Southern Wild, put on the casting director by saying she was the required six years old when she was actually five.She got the job and in the film summarizes my intentions in writing this essay: All the time everywhere, everything hurts, and beating and scrapin’ and talking to each other the way that I can’t understand (holding a bird to her ear).During a hunting party, Alcoriza saw an eaglet on a tree and knocked it down with the first shot, but then he found a price tag on a paw. Why did Stanley Kubrick pull A Clockwork Orange from UK screens for nearly 30 years?

One pup clung to the cage, resisting freedom altogether. Joyce finneganeased the word “manifesto” into “mamafeasta.” Maybe this mamafeasta manque mocks and mirrors Steve Allen’s “Behind every joke, there’s a grievance.” More percept plunder for the recent future? Muhammad Ali boasted “I’m so I mean, I make medicine sick!

Thanks to James Harris, Suzy Williams, Hank Rosenfeld, Peter Quadrino, Billy Stern, Jules Minton, Reynaldo Wolf, Mark Hardin and OJ Haugen.

Gerry Fialka & Will Erokan put on RIA LIVE at the New Nothing Cinema on Oct 17 (with special guests V.

The bottle’s fine print read: “Caution—may attract other coyotes.” Lettuce ponder the motives of tricksters. ” The stripper puts on her audience by taking off her clothes, and the poet puts on his public by stripping or dislocating the familiar rhythms and habits of expression…The poet lets us look at the world through the mask of his poem while wearing us as his mask: ‘ Usually by this point in my essays, the friends who help me in pre-publication yelp “I’m lost!

” Do I unconsciously confuse or am I purposely putting-on the put on?

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Vale & Rock Ross), and at Oakland’s Krowswork Gallery on Oct 18, 2013.

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