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The construction features of pre-war apartments increase the difficulty of electrical upgrades, compared to modern dwellings.These construction features come from the engineering philosophy of the pre-war era, when labor was cheaper but materials were expensive; it made sense to use rugged and durable materials even if their installation was labor-intensive.That said, here are a few more costs that may take you by surprise if your contractor fails to prepare you for the possibility in advance: 1. If you want to replace your kitchen sink most co-ops and condos in New York City require that you replace the apartment's water and waste lines all the way back to the building’s riser (e.g. Expect to pay your licensed plumber in the neighborhood of ,000 - ,000.You will also need to pay your contractor to plaster, sand and paint the walls that are damaged by replacing the piping.Keep in mind that pre-war apartments were built more than 70 years ago, when residential energy consumption was much lower: In short, the electrical wiring of pre-war apartments was designed for a time when there were few loads other than lighting, radios, TVs and kitchen appliances.You can’t expect to buy or rent one of these apartments and install modern water heaters and air conditioners right away.

The client justifiably refused, and the contractor walked off the job. The original refinishing cost, which should usually cost between and per square foot, can easily jump to a square foot when you’re replacing the flooring. Old wiring and fuse boxes are not nearly as safe as modern electrical materials.However, increasing the operating voltage reduces current, and this can be proved mathematically by rearranging the previous formula: Current = Power / Voltage If you must choose between 110 V and 220 V versions of the same appliance, using 220 V reduces the current by 50 percent.To illustrate the concept, assume you need a 3.3-kilowatt water heater that is available with both voltages: With the 110-V heater, you require a larger cable and the circuit will emit more heat.Conventional lighting and HVAC will result in a more expensive renovation and a higher operating cost.In addition, you are more likely to have electrical issues because an old installation will be subject to high current and localized heating.

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