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Assign your computer the IP address (the last digit should be any number greater than 1), with subnet mask, and gateway, open a command prompt in Windows, or a terminal in Mac OS X or Linux. Depending on your ping command, a successful reply may say “ Reply from…” or “ XYZ bytes from…” along with information like “time” and “ TTL”.The methods devised by the networking community basically fall into two categories: gentle and desperate.

Do this by powering it on and depressing the reset button for at least 30 seconds.You may have made a mistake somewhere in the process. After all, these open source replacements come with no guarantees. You’ll know your router has been bricked because, well, it no longer works.More specifically, you will probably see the power light blinking steadily. light, note whether it is lit at power on or whether it lights a few seconds later, or never at all. Sometimes you can breathe new life into your bricked router.The desperate recovery techniques involve opening your router and attempting to physically reset its circuitry.Gentle Recoveries If you could simply reflash your seemingly dead router with an official Linksys firmware, you could, like Cher, turn back time.

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Because the procedure varies on different Windows versions, consult this Linksys support page for step-by-step instructions. Click “ Next” again, and the firmware upload process begins.

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