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Garmin is trying to squeeze another out of uninformed/unfortunate customers for map update). She loves this model and does see the need for the traffic routing. that keyboard works great when stopped, but it is much harder to use while in motion--If you use the favorites, that is fast, three key punches to enable, and safe to operate while moving.Afer using the Nuvi 200 for a day, I would give Nuvi 200 four stars (missing the compass direction that I am used to on the 2610), and ZERO star for Garmin marketing policy. I purchased two of these last Christmas and gave one to my girlfriend. I find new and quicker routes to places I go often. It includes and SD card reader to display pictures--a useless feature, in my opinion.Power is by mini-USB adapter and cigarette lighter plus.I'm consider getting a second power adapter and permanently wiring it in.There is a lever on the window suction mount that can be thrown to remove it easily.Be sure to bring the mount with you when you travel, because this thing will not stand up on it's own, and laying it on the dash will find it sliding all over the place and hard to read. My girlfriend often drive to Manhattan and through New York state from Connecticut to New Jersey--an awful route. It can be a distraction that could get you into an accident if you try to drive and punch in the touchscreen keyboard. There are more advanced models that include traffic reporting. One warning, take the time to punch up the address before you start driving.

When not giving you directions, the map display is nice.The serial # are printed on the outside of the box and also on the bottom of the Nuvi 200 unit.I checked my local BB last night and they had mostly Nuvi 200 with the new map, but a couple with the old map (based on the serial #). I heard the same situation is with the Nuvi 660 as well.It has a battery so that you can take it with you while walking!Handy in a city where you can't find numbers on buildings and have to park a distance away.

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