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For instance, when I navigated to a restaurant less than a mile away, I got an alert that said the route was the maximum walking distance of 20 miles.On the second try, I didn't get that alert, and the directions were accurate, though that app is slow to recalculate if you miss a turn.On another trip to Fairway Market, after I entered the highway, the app's voice prompt said to turn left in half a mile, which is actually impossible. It took the app a while to realize I had missed my turn, then it sent me to a turnaround ramp that's marked "Do not enter; authorized vehicles only." (To be fair, Map Quest did the same).A minute or so later, it told me, correctly, to stay on the highway to the 125th St. After I skipped that, it sent me to an appropriate exit where I could turn around.I was able to easily find a bank on the way, and the app navigated me there with no issues.However, when navigating from the bank to another part of Long Island, it was such a mess that I switched to Google Maps.Walking Directions Road Mate also offers walking directions, which is handy.

Magellan Is Lost Despite being named after a famous explorer, Magellan's Road Mate app has some major navigation issues, including out-of-nowhere voice prompts, phantom turns, and constant recalculations. You're better off saving your money and using our Editors' Choice GPS app, Google Maps.

That said, many of the other businesses I searched for were in the database, include Fairway Market Harlem (which was labeled Fairway Wholesale Market) and the St.

George Theatre in Staten Island, neither of which are in database.

At one point, while driving in the HOV lane (I had a passenger), which is the left-most lane, the app said to get off at the next exit, which was all the way to the right.

It was coming up so fast that it would have been impossible to get to without putting us and other drivers in danger.

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