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AND SOFTWARE YOUR ABLE TO HAVE A REALLY FANCY SETUP. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK AND DON'T FORGET TO RATE THIS INSTRUCTABLE I ALSO HAVE INSTRUCTABLE ON USING YOUR DELORME LT20 WITH GOOGLE EARTH. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACTIONS AND OR DAMAGES YOU MAKE WITH THIS INSTRUCTABLE !!!!! Well if you have all these your almost done good job on keeping up.Laptop Windows XP Professional 2.8 ghz Intel Celeron 512 mb 40 gig drive It does not need to be the same, but you do need the free . The people to the car next to us freak out when they see an Areal view of the area around us. The reason I didn't , so many things can go wrong one item at a time.6. Congratulations please be careful and don't drive and do this at the same time its great if your a passenger, Again still be careful with HEAD / LAPTOP / AIRBAGS. HAVE FUN PLEASE RATE AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. Net & Earth bridge, already had drivers saved for cable & it still my system did not recognise the GPS device through Port 7 as defined in Earth Bridge.Thanks :@) go to----- control panel-----system------hardware(tab)------device manager-----and look for your radio shack cable -----double click it, look for port settings -------advanced --------and on "comport" select port 7 if already taken or does not appear look for what device is on 7and change it to something else, and set your radio shack cable to com 7.

(I.e., 37.78N, 122.31W), and if so, does it display in degrees, minutes, and seconds, or in decimal degrees? (100', 30', 10', 1/4") No one seems to be able to answer that had accuracy ratings between 10-27 feet, in the city. My main question is if it can display the latitude/longitude coordinates, and whether it shows the coordinates with degrees, minutes, and seconds, or with a decimal after the degree.

As a main feature you will notice an internal thermometer (accurancy 1°C). Pressing "page" button, you can pass through complete display check and functions of all buttons could be tested using icons in bottom part of screen. but that trick didn't work with the Garmin e Trex Venture.

: this trick works also with the color version of the Vista, the Vista-C. Garmin released a little tool called x Image which allows you to get/put to your GPS, like screenshots for example.

If there is no letter after the second version or the letter is 's', you have a Sirf model.

How to get into diagnostics mode of your Garmin e Trex Well, the Garmin e Trex is something else ...

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