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Upgrading was gaving some problem with some older software i have and now i want back to the default openssl rpm from redhat. Xa with the version stated on the compiled version, eg: Open SSL 0.9.7c I recommend you backup yout before making changes firstly also.

Installing the rpm with rpm -ihv goes ok but when i do openssl version i still see's the newest version i updated manual (tar.gz) any idea how i can return to the basic redhat openssl rpm again? If this fails i suggest you use another copy of Open SSL, still stable and secure but hopefully wont give the problem. kinda I used openssl-0.9.6gz instead of 0.9.7c, followed the install instructions, and httpd works now Although I may be completely wrong, I think the problem was to do with this: ...version 0.9.7c doesn't include a seperate Open SSL engine, so it probably didn't exist when httpd was looking for it. Chris So I located all instances of files called libssl.so, removed the most of them and replaced them with symlinks, linking to the /usr/local/ssl/lib/file which is linked to the actual libssl.0.9.6 file in the same directory.

You have to search in a Mac Ports forum for a proper answer how to link openssl libs.Installation and upgrading: To begin installation we will need to download Open SSL 0.9.6j source tar ball to the server we will be upgrading.I generally put all my source files in /usr/src to keep them for later incase I need them. For a P4 2.4Ghz equiped with 1gb RAM it took me around 20 minutes to fully configure/compile/install Open SSL.This howto assumes the reader has a general knowledge of Linux and the command line interface for installing applications and has root access to the server.Readers with minimal knowledge of Linux or the processes of compiling and installing software should not attempt this without proper supervision from a system administrator or in a production environment.

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