Updating software on the razr v3

It seemed like the "final" phone, the perfect solution that I was looking for at the time.The V3i was similar to the RAZR V3, but with a better camera, micro SD storage and supposedly with "i Tunes" software. The V3x is similar, slightly bigger and with a 2M camera and 240x320 display. It had so much potential, and it fell short, mostly because of poor software.It's clear that the V3i software is just the V3 software with some crappy MP3 player slapped on (paying off Apple for the "i Tunes" label).And furthermore, the V3 software is just some update of some generic Motorola phone software, probably originally developed when cell phones weighed 30 pounds and ran on kerosene. F8660_fbz_button[type="button"]:hover, .ezoic-wrapper . F8660_fbz_button[type="button"]:active, .ezoic-wrapper . He has been a writer and editor since 2004, contributing to Washington-based publications and clients such as the "Bellingham Herald," "Western Athletics," "GNAC Sports" and Microsoft.Wein obtained a bachelor's degree in journalism from Western Washington University.

I can't count the number of times I've tried scrolling in one direction and passed the profile I wanted, only to have to scroll through all the profiles again to find it.Apart from the clunky but useful "categorize" feature, Motorola doesn't care about your ability to pick a new ringer from a list of 100.Java checks to see if your timestamps on your apps have changed, and if so, then it won't let you run them.This isn't particularly useful, and it makes it slightly more complicated to backup your phone state to computer.When the case is closed you can change the profile, but for some reason you hit either up or down to go into "profile changing mode" and then you use the select button to scroll only forward through profiles to find the right one.

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The phone claims it's out of memory when it has about 50 messages, regardless of how much memory the phone may have leftover.

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