Updating wwan coverage area on verizon

MSL”, you will get your 6 digit code, if that doesn’t work, reboot the device and try again. I have only attached the latest Sprint PRL * please let me know if you have are aware of a newer PRL..thanks!! google, download and install the Samsung Galaxy S Drivers 2.5 Make sure your Epic is not USB debugging mode, to disable, go to settingsuncheck USB debugging 3. Click on the “Roam” tab and click the “Browse…” button, here you will need to browse for the PRL you downloaded earlier, select it and open it. On your phone go to settings and make sure the PRL version matches the PRL number you downloaded, if yes, Congratulations you all done!! Don’t forget to change back the USB settings ONLY back to PDA on the ##8778# menu SPECIAL NOTES For Sprint: As you might know, Sprint users can roam to Verizon’s network.If it still doesn’t work type only “getprop” in this case you will get a very large command output scroll up and down and look where it says : the 6 digit number is your MSL 3. MSL” or “adb shell getprop” if the 2nd command is used you will need to look for the output Getting the latest X PRL You are on your own here, but as for 03-23-11, the latest PRLs are Sprint\Boost: 60677 Verizon: 52189 Metropcs: 2013 Cricket: ???? Depending on what carrier you are on, PRLs might be different depending on your localization, please research or google “latest x PRL”. Updating the PRL Once you know your MSL, you need to download and install the program QPST 2.7 Build 323, it might be possible to use another version of the program but this guide was made using version 2.7 b323. On your Epic, with the touchscreen dialer, dial ##8778#, this will open the “Phone Util” hidden menu 4. if you are on a crappy Sprint coverage but a better Verizon one, you might want to try and upload a Verizon PRL to your phone, please be aware that Sprint might end your contract if roam a lot, such cases are not rare. I have never heard of such cases but you might be the first one.If you have a 1 year old PRL and a new cell phone tower was just installed outside your house 2 months ago, is most likely your phone is not getting the best reception possible. 21 GUIDE Getting your SPC\MSL There is many possible ways to get your MSL for your Epic 4g. If you still a Sprint customer you can call Sprint and ask for the MSL of your Epic, this is the most easy way to get it but not all CS representatives will give you the code. Search and install “Connect Bot” from the Android Market, open the app, in the small dropdown box on the bottom left that says “SSH”, click and select “local” instead and on the “nickname” box put “Android” and hit Enter.On the new black screen with the “$” type “getprop ril. Select the “COMXX – USB\QC Diagnostic” and click ok, in my case the port number was 10, your port number will be different, if you see more than one, disconnect all your external devices such as external HDDs, phones, Bluetooth dongles, ect. Disconnect your phone, restart your computer, connect your phone and try again, you might want to remember your Epic’s port number for future use. Click “Start Clients” on the top of the program and open Service programming. On the new Phone Selection windows you should see one active phone that starts with FFA6550-ZRF6500, select it and click ok. Click “Read from the phone” and enter your 6-digit MSL code 13. Your Epic will reboot and you can close all the programs now.As soon as I place a call, the LTE logo disappears and changes to "1X." I have done this test with folks standing next to me and they have Verizon LTE.If I dial #48 from home to test the network extender, I get the message "you are not under network extender." When I dial #48 with my wife's i Phone6, it announces the phone has LTE and is connected to the network extender.I'd like to backlevel my phone to pre June 1, 2017 patch to test my theory that the patch caused the problem, but I'm not sure how to do that.

IT can also provide loaner cellular phones for special circumstances such as travel.Hi, some people requested me to do a guide of how to update MANUALLY your PRL in the Epic 4G.it is.USE THIS GUIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK, I’m not responsible for your phone loosing reception, ending world hunger, finding the cure for AIDS, or your supervisor giving you a raise after updating your PRL What you will need. -People with flashed phones who want to update to their latest carrier PRL.Changing to or from a calling plan requires the approval of the Division Director, Deputy Division Director, or Division Director's designate, and is based on business need. I have successfully used a Verizon LTE network extender since December.

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