Validating an xsd

Caution Svcutil will overwrite existing files on a disk if the names supplied as parameters are identical. When you use Svcutil to access a WSDL document that has a reference to a security token service (STS), Svcutil makes a WS-Metadata Exchange call to the STS.

Values: c#, cs, csharp, vb, visualbasic, c , cpp Default: csharp Short form: Specifies a mapping from a WSDL or XML Schema target Namespace to a CLR namespace.

The Service Model Metadata Utility tool is used to generate service model code from metadata documents and metadata documents from service model code.

The Service Model Metadata Utility Tool can be found at the Windows SDK installation location, specifically, C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0\Bin The following table summarizes the various functionalities provided by this tool and the corresponding topic that discusses how it is used.

For more information, see How to: Retrieve Metadata and Implement a Compliant Service.

For a service with a Basic Http Contextbinding endpoint, generates a Basic Http Binding with the instead. If you would like to manage context on the client when the service uses cookies, you can manually modify the configuration to use a context binding.

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You can use wildcards (*.xsd, *.wsdl) for this argument.

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