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To get you ready for the upcoming launch, we’ve compiled a list of the best online sex games for the Oculus Rift.Be sure to read to the end, because we’ll also dish on a popular XXX game that plans to support the device.To create exceptional 3D animations, developers used motion capture to record the movements of real-life adult performers.If you check out screen grabs of its XXX videos, you may be surprised at how lifelike the animations truly are.The multiplayer game 3DX Chat [NSFW] ranks at the top because of its highly realistic graphics and award-winning reputation.It has won prizes for innovation and its stunning images.Utherverse's better-known rival Second Life currently has only 38 million players.Interestingly, 53% of Utherverse's users are women and a majority of users are university educated and in their twenties and thirties.

It will open up the VR playing field to the masses, and undoubtedly a flood of users will finally be able to enjoy the virtual sex games they’ve long been waiting for.

The game is free to download and you can earn virtual currency by being sociable, visiting other people's profiles, writing a blog and interacting with different parts of the world.

Some users choose to spend real money on buying and decorating a virtual home, and membership for adult content costs (£11.90) per month.

People who have disabilities or in need of escapism find Utherverse very attractive, according to Shuster.

One third of the Utherverse's 50 million visitors are in Europe, and 50% are in North America.

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