Vista keeps updating sql

Cross-platform software is about giving the user control over their infrastructure.

(At work I currently manage several Postgre SQL databases, some in Windows and some in Ubuntu Linux.

If Postgre SQL says your import worked, then it worked properly.

The slightest whiff of a problem and it abandons the import and throws a helpful error message.

Each of these things, in isolation, may seem like a relatively minor niggle; however, the overall effect is that getting real work done in MS SQL Server is harder and more error-prone than in Postgre SQL, and data analysts spend valuable time and energy on workarounds and manual processes instead of focusing on the actual problem.

It makes sense: would you rather find out your import went wrong now, or a month from now when your client complains that your results are off? Most people don't believe me when I tell them this. Usually they observe something like: easy to write (I wrote one in C and plumbed it into PHP a year or two ago, because I wasn't happy with its native CSV-handling functions.

Microsoft no longer has the monopoly it once enjoyed on the desktop, thanks to the rise of Linux and Apple.

IT infrastructures are increasingly heterogeneous thanks to the flexibility of cloud services and easy access to high-performance virtualisation technology.

This is as crazy as spending a fortune on Photoshop and then having to write some custom code to get it to open a JPEG, only to find that the image has been altered slightly.

Every data analytics platform worth mentioning is Turing complete, which means, give or take, that any one of them can do anything that any other one can do.

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