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Begun in the late 1960s, it was developed in the 1970s to allow government and university researchers to share information.The Internet is not controlled by any single group or organization.In most programs, the defaults can be changed to reflect personal preferences. Desktops usually contain icons that represent links to the hard drive, a network (if there is one), and a trash or recycling can for files to be deleted.It can also display icons of frequently used applications, as requested by the user. The names refer to the media inside the container: A hard disc stores vast amounts of data.Browsers use a cache to store web pages so that the user may view them again without reconnecting to the Web.

A small data-memory storage area that a computer can use to instantly re-access data instead of re-reading the data from the original source, such as a hard drive.Common Gateway Interface, a programming standard that allows visitors to fill out form fields on a Web page and have that information interact with a database, possibly coming back to the user as another Web page.CGI may also refer to Computer-Generated Imaging, the process in which sophisticated computer programs create still and animated graphics, such as special effects for movies.A single user of a network application that is operated from a server.A client/server architecture allows many people to use the same data simultaneously.

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