White celebrities dating black guys

Check out 15 women that love to date white men exclusively, or so it seems.

After Berry Gordy, Diana Ross hasn’t seemed to find another black man to date or marry.

Kanye always said “And when you get on he leave your A$$ for a white girl” in regards to black men, but he never mentioned black women.

There are quite a few black women that have gained great success through music, acting and sports, but aren’t seen with black men romantically.

Her first marriage to Alvin Martin in 1973 ended in divorce by 1979.

In 1986 she married cinematographer David Claessen and they divorced in 1988.

Her third marriage was in 1994 to actor Lyle Trachtenberg, which ended in divorce by 1995.

In 2005 she started dating French model Gabriel Aubry and the two have a daughter together.

By 2010 the two broke up and went through a nasty custody battle.

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  1. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule of not dating a man with children, but before you embark on a tumultuous relationship like this, you should heed my warning and save yourself a headache and heartache.