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It’s impossible for people to stay married with egos.I think that’s why we see a lot of what we do—in Hollywood, especially.Sometimes because you’re giving so much to the kids, you find yourself too tired even to put in the effort. Raising the kids is just something else for you to have to agree on with your partner. We find ourselves parenting them more together now instead of parenting them separately. My marriage could have easily taken a fall if I continued to struggle with being an artist and not being able to do what I want to do, and if I continued to resent my husband because I felt I was stuck home with the children.With that attitude, I’m going to lose in the end because I’m not stepping up to the plate by staying home. He’s already celebrity status and he’s the breadwinner at this point.Why would he sacrifice for me to build when he’s already successful?What I’ve come to realize is that I am a part of his success, because my presence allows him to go out and tour with peace of mind, knowing his family is taken care of, that the children are being loved by their mother.When you sign on that dotted line and you say,” I do,” you’re committing to a job. And you’re only rewarded from the work that you put in.And then, people don’t get this: The ego has to go.

Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Anthony Hamilton, 46, and his partner had split up.Born on January 28, 1971, Hamilton was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.At the age of 10, he joined a local church's choir and sang with his high school's choir.We were married for five years when the twins came—five, almost six years, so we’ll be married seven years in August 2012—and that was a long time to be together. I think that had we had our kids sooner, I’m not sure how our relationship would have turned out.What has got us through was trust and knowing that even though it’s not perfect, we aren’t going to leave each other.

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The couple announced their split yesterday via a joint statement: "Tarshá and Anthony’s greatest priorities are loving and raising their three children and they are committed to co-parenting together." The split appears to be amicable, and they will also remain professional partners.

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