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Pitbull began rapping while in high school and cites Nas as a key influence.The young rapper drew inspiration from both East Coast and West Coast rap as well as the Miami bass genre of hip hop.Perez pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and lying in wait in November 2014, but an appeals court sent the case back to San Diego Superior Court, ruling that a judge erred by allowing Perez to plead guilty without a lawyer in a case in which he faced a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.Lees said Perez was married with two children when he met Gonzalez.He remains cautiously optimistic: "It's my hope that there is not just tolerance, but acceptance and equality nationwide! We're far from that now." Old Friends: New Friends Sometimes when people become new parents, their set of friends changes. Yet one of the biggest challenges he faces right now is not knowing many other parents with children the same age as Mario: He doesn't have any little buddies yet, unfortunately.Maybe because they want to hang out with other overtired, overwhelmed people like themselves, there's a changing of the guard. So, to make sure I exposed him to other kids his age I have signed him up for a bunch of classes, almost all of which I take him to myself. A Changed Man The paradox of parenting is that while it can be a soul-soothing experience, it can also be a stressful and exhausting one. " He also discusses his biggest frustration as a parent which is learning how to cope with being more tired and stressed: "It's not easy.As a result, my life completely revolves around him. And that includes me not being away or traveling as much as I used to.I still have to take the occasional work trip, but we have never been apart longer than two days.

His mother and father separated and he was raised primarily by his mother.

Sheela said Perez went to City College the night of Oct.

12, 2010, because he needed to see his wife and talk about seeing his daughter.

The defendant saw Gonzalez with a male friend and was going to confront him, but left and returned to the campus with a knife, Sheela said.

Perez killed Gonzalez in a crime of passion, Sheela told the jury.

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