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After hearing the mesmerizing early music of Nine Inch Nails, Iovine decides that Reznor was crucial to the future of Interscope and resolves to pull him away from Steve Gottlieb's TVT Records.

This is the kind of challenge that shuffling songs between Springsteen and Smith and Petty and Nicks had helped prepare him for.

This turns out to be another win for Iovine, especially once Reznor's imprint later picks up Manson, who becomes hugely successful. Like Iovine's Interscope, Dre's Aftermath label flounders at first. Dre Presents the Aftermath and The Firm's The Album both underperform.

(It should be noted that Gottlieb disputes the documentary's version of these events.)7. "There's nothing more humbling than putting out a fucking flop," Dre states.

The way it is in the stores right now is the way I was shopping it."At the time, most labels were wary of Dre's legal difficulties – he was still separating from N. A and Ruthless Records – and biased against hip-hop.

"There would be times where we would be shooting a video until like six in the morning, and we had to do one more take with me or somebody in the video wearing some goddamn [Beats] headphones," Eminem exclaims. "It was a fucking disaster." "I was getting a lot of pressure corporately to get rid of Dre," Iovine admits.But Iovine eventually plays Dre a demo from a young Eminem, and Dre is so impressed that he orders his lawyer to put together a recording contract – usually a two-month process – in a single day.In contrast, Iovine was hooked the instant he heard The Chronic: "I said, ' Wow! Iovine's deal with Nine Inch Nails was a tour de force.If there's one thing that The Defiant Ones hammers home, it's that Iovine is drawn to music that elicits strong reactions, whether that's gangster rap or Marilyn Manson's shock-rock.

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Here are 10 things we learned from The Defiant Ones.1. The wiry rock fanatic gets his first break working as an engineer in a John Lennon recording session; he goes on to produce for Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. "We had very few releases in 1991," says David Cohen, Interscope's Head of Business Affairs.

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