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Since the primary purpose of the final episode of television before a pay-per-view is to inject the last bit of hype for the upcoming event, this week’s edition of Raw did its job.

The four men involved in No Mercy’s top two matches did not lay a hand on each other this week. But WWE still managed to get me more excited to see Braun Strowman challenge Brock Lesnar and to see John Cena square off against Roman Reigns.

Kimberly instead received the honor of becoming “The Booty Babe” and seconding Brutus Beefcake in his Booty Man identity.

MORE: Ranking the 10 greatest World champions of all time By 2000 it was well-known they were a real-life married couple, and head writer Vince Russo decided to work that into a story because he’s got no other stories to tell.

James, who did “commentary” for part of Wrestle Mania 2 and barely even seemed to understand how ring ropes functioned, instantly understood that the essence of the Macho Man was that he treated Elizabeth like dirt but then got jealous if anyone else paid attention to her.

MORE: Scott Keith's five favorite Savage moments Regardless of their on-screen relationship being portrayed as businesslike, backstage Savage was even more maniacally overprotective of his wife.

It was perhaps life imitating art in the worst way for them.

When Liz finally returned to the wrestling world in 1991, to set up an on-screen reunion with her husband and a PPV wedding as a payoff, their marriage was already on the rocks. After being written out a second time in 1992 (after the famous “She was mine before she was yours” feud with Ric Flair), Liz filed for divorce and retired to a life working in retail and married to a normal human being in a normal business. DDP and Kimberly were married in 1991, when Page was breaking into wrestling as an actual wrestler for the first time.

By 1989, Elizabeth had lived enough of this life and wanted off the road, which coincided nicely with one of the biggest angles in wrestling history: The Megapowers Explode!

I just hope Miz knows a good divorce lawyer, just in case.

Savage and Liz were wrestling’s most famous power couple of the '80s, married behind the scenes since 1984 but only outed as a couple in the WWF in 1991.

I would have loved to have seen Rhodes use “The Natural” moniker he used in World Championship Wrestling along with his fantastic theme song from that time period, but it would have been all for naught anyway, as Wyatt defeated him in an uneventful match.

Finn Balor popped up on the big screen after the match and said something ominous to Wyatt to keep their issue going, but the real story I was concerned with was Rhodes/Goldust.

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The best part of the show by far was WWE's running tributes to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, who died Sunday at the age of 73.

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