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I did special creative writing: I wrote a little novel or whatever. Anyway, last year I’m at a warehouse party in Bushwick, and this guy comes up to me and he’s like, “[Hannah] Horvath, we went to middle school together, East Lansing! He looks at me in the middle of this fucking party like he’s a judge, and he goes, “That’s a very serious accusation Hannah.” And he walked away.

Sometimes, when he was talking to the class he would stand behind me and he’d rub my neck. In her Inaugural YTL Law Center Lecture at King’s College London, “Sexual Violence: Accountability in a Culture of Celebrity,” delivered on March 9 2017, Martha C.

It follows that the question of consent isn’t all that needs to be asked, when it comes to what men like Palmer may have to answer for.

creator, Lena Dunham) is a writer herself—considerably younger than Palmer, at 27, and not yet famous.

Nussbaum departed from and added to her powerful and provocative Huffington Post piece from 2016.

She recounts being sexually assaulted by a famous actor twice her age, in the late 60s, when she was 20.

Hannah said she didn’t mind, that she liked it, even: but for the wrong reasons, at the wrong time, in the wrong way, to invert Aristotle.

She recalls: He liked me, he was impressed with me. It made me feel like someone saw me and they knew that I was going to grow up and be really, really particular… He was basically trying to molest me.” You know what this kid said?

Despite the difference in their age and professional status, Palmer sees himself as Hannah’s victim, and as vulnerable to young women’s power in general.I have decided to publish it following the publication yesterday of , which has long been widely known in the profession (including by yours truly, based on first-hand testimony).It is time that those of us with something to say—whether it be regarding specific offenders, or the banality of the misogyny perpetrated by supposed good guys, and the culture of complicity that sustains them—spoke up, together.“All she does is avert herself—avert her lips, avert her eyes.” She turns her back and removes herself—“So that everything done to her might be done, as it were, far away.” And so he has his way with her: his little death, his resurrection.Later, Melanie turns up on David’s doorstep, asks if she can stay with him.

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