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He had been doing it off and on for the last year or so. When I finished my wine, he set our glasses on the end table, leaned forward, and kissed me. Our tongues flirted, and I gnawed on his lip a bit. He had always stopped following someone if he thought he had been spotted. A few minutes later Clara and I found ourselves back in my apartment and still sitting on the sofa. 21 Something Good I said we could make it into something good. She saw now that she didn't have to be afraid, that they were people like her. The faith itself was all that mattered, and the will to carry on when that faith was shaken. It was more her faith in me that let me do what I did. It could be faith in yourself, your friends, god, a breakfast cereal, or just a generalized faith in existence, that the world would somehow find a way keep going.

I wondered if I should, but knew he always liked when I did. It was as great as always when I made him come and felt him filling me up.

So when one of us started having sex with Thom, the other could see all of her thoughts, emotions and sensations refracted through Thom's memories of their time together.

We all quickly learned to quiet our thoughts, Thom not as fast as us two. When he read my mind, I could pick up what he was hiding in his without him knowing, if I worked at it.

I cleaned myself up before I got into bed with him.

But he loved both of us, I knew that even if he didn't. Our both being with Thom had created a link between us.

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