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Does using the Internet affect children's development? A wealth of opinion, anecdotal evidence and media hype has attempted to answer these questions.Do children become socially isolated or connected when they use the Internet? At one extreme are the Internet enthusiasts who view Internet use as the panacea for all that plagues society, including inadequacies in the educational system. in Psychology from the University of Rochester, NY, 1981.Funded by an Information Technology Research grant from the National Science Foundation, the project began in the fall of 2000, when 90 families were recruited to participate in the 18-month study. Her recent research focuses on issues surrounding the digital "use" divide. in Psychology from the University of Trier, Germany, in 1976.Families agreed to have their Internet use automatically and continuously recorded, to complete surveys at multiple points during the project, and to participate in home visits during which basic instruction on how to use the Internet was provided. A nation online: How Americans are expanding their use of the Internet. Professor Jackson has over 100 publications in professional journals, books and book chapters, and conference proceedings. He has held positions at the University of Trier, the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, and Pennsylvania State University and is currently at Michigan State University.As was the case for social outcomes, few studies have examined the relationship between children's Internet use and psychological outcomes. Children and computer technology: Analysis and recommendations. In fact we could locate only two studies that directly addressed this relationship. The Future of Children, Vol 10(2), Fall/Winter, 4-30.

Few studies and inconsistent findings render uncertain whether using the Internet has any influence on children's social outcomes. Medians for all communication activities (e.g., instant messaging) were zero. Surveying the Digital Future, Year 3, UCLA Center for Communication Policy. Indeed by the end of the project only 16% of the children were using e-mail, 25% were instant messaging and 16% were participating in chat activities (Jackson, von Eye, Biocca, Barbatsis, Yong, & Fitzgerald, 2003a). Adults were primarily African American (67%), female (80%), never married (42%) and earning less than ,000 per year (49%). He also conducts simulation studies on the behavior of statistical methods. in Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1989.Most of the children were African American (83%), male (58%), and living in single-parent households (75%). Substantively, Professor von Eye is a developmental psychologist with a life-span perspective. He is currently SBC Chair of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media at Michigan State University.

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