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I was heavily involved with sports, and this allowed me to have something other than a dating life to enjoy myself.Other people get involved with church, music groups, writing, or any number of other fun activities. This can easily become more of a burden then a fun time.So, at first glance, it seems better to wait until teens are older to begin driving.However, when you look a little deeper, you realize that part of the reason younger teens are more likely to crash is because they have the least experience. This gives their parents a big opportunity to influence their driving by coaching, monitoring and supporting them.Men and women need to discover the kinds of roles they find fulfilling in a close relationship.This can only be accomplished in actual situations with the opposite sex.The second point we would like to focus on is that dating can help you find a mate.If you never date anyone, how can you know who is the right one for you?

Dating is your opportunity to have a relatively deep relationship with someone before you commit to a lifetime of marriage. Erik Erikson believed that romantic experiences (or dating) play an important role in helping you develop a personal identity and intimacy.

With others around, there is usually plenty of great ideas for having fun!

Lastly, I was involved in other things besides dating.

One of the best counters to loneliness is the establishment of meaningful relationships with others.

A person can use dating as a process of filtering out or narrowing the field of eligible partners down to a specific few and eventually to one person who will be his mate for a lifetime.

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That is something that Stacey and I handled very appropriately. I would plan outings with friends, church groups, or whatever there was just to have more fun.

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