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From time immemorial, these huge, gentle creatures have traveled thousands of miles from Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands each winter to mate and birth their calves in the warm, safe waters off our coast.For much of our modern history, humpback whales have been under threat, their population decimated around the world by whalers.One of the largest pods are our own , which are thought to number upwards of 10,000. government proposed taking the majority of the world’s humpback whales off the Endangered Species list. government is expected to make a final decision in the early months of 2016. Bringing the humpback whale population back from the brink of extinction in only 45 years is an incredible achievement.Is it Time to Take Humpback Whales Off the Endangered Species List? Of the 14 distinct humpback whale populations around the world, only two would remain on the Endangered Species list, which would not include our The rest of the humpbacks would still receive some protections through the Marine Mammal Protection Act. The fact that we’re even considering taking them off the Endangered Species List is a testament to the strength of their numbers.Hotel Location Situated two blocks east of Keauhou Bay in Kailua - Kona, the Holua Resort lies seven miles south of Kamakahonu as well as Kailua Pier.Kona Magic Sands offers sunny beach-style fun three miles north of the hotel.

Nearby coffee shops include Banyan Tree Cafe, Kona Coffee Lounge and Starbucks.

Nearby restaurants include Get Sum pizza, Jackie Rey's Ohana Grill and Thai Rin Restaurant & Bar.

Welcome to the Holua Resort A bevy of pools and tennis facilities plus free Wi-Fi and full in-room kitchens mean sunshiny times at the non-smoking Holua Resort.

After a workout in the fitness room, guests can hit the hot tub.

Note: The golf course and restaurant are closed through June 2015 for irrigation renovations.

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