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A micro economy built up around Blab with some people offering paid courses on how to use Blab for live streaming, and others building Word Press plugins to embed your live stream replays automatically on your website.

Blab provided an environment that for once in the world of live streaming there was a platform that was easy for people to use to connect, collaborate and converse.

In the early days, Blab had a very visible presence in the community, with members of the team jumping onto Blabs being held by community members or commenting in the chat.

They even used their platform to show the team working in their office.

Rihanna showed her maternal side last night when she greeted some of her youngest fans - before taking to the stage with her X-rated live show.

The Disturbia singer took time to pose with some cute youngsters who were in fancy dress as she took a walk around Canadian city of Toronto ahead of her performance.

Continue Reading → It was touch and go for a while in lead up to their first date as Ally almost turned around and went home, but we're so happy she didn't as her and Andy made an amazing connection, moving to Devon months after meeting and recently getting married!

My Single Friend was set up in 2004 by TV presenter Sarah Beeny, who is notorious for matchmaking her single friends....

For example hosting events to attract different types of creators, and joining social media platforms to encourage people to check out Blab.The action plays out as Eminem and Rihanna perform in front of a backdrop of a burning house.And the rapper and the on-screen couple all go up in flames as the video reaches a climax.I have incorporated some of the comments from Blab users from the article below with links should you wish to investigate further.Interestingly on their Twitter account and on his Twitter account there is no link to the blog post despite it being published 11 hours ago.

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