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For some reason, though, he got to keep his outfit which is more valuable than King Harkinian's.He is loved by his friends and wife after the four YTP war, the the Bing Bong gang.Ganon is the villain from the CD-i Legend of Zelda games. He was born in 1956 and grew up in poverty with his father and brother, never knowing his deceased mother.

In a two-man group simply called "Ganon and Gwonam", they wrote their first album called DIE, the album was a commercial success.Typically, she serves as a nursemaid and/or bodyguard to Princess Zelda and often offers guidance to Link.She is an old, racist lesbian who is known all over Hyrule for secretly hating 'darkies'.After they made a Christmas album, the fame got to their heads and after an argument.The friendship between the two ended bitterly, thus ending "Ganon and Gwonam." By unknown means, Ganon became the "King of Evil" with thousands of minions at his feet by 1986.

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